Pencil and brush strokes not rendering in real time.

I’m a student who just recently started the trial period for Toon Boom Harmony Essentials, and am having issues with the basic tools. On both a mouse and graphics tablet (wacom Intuos) the pencil and brush tools aren’t working as they should. The lines I draw are invisible until I release the mouse button or lift the pen from the tablet, making them incredibly frustrating and almost unusable for any actual drawing. Searching up the issue hasn’t been helpful as most posts are from years ago and their fixes refer to menus and options which I can’t find: possibly which have been moved or renamed since. Other drawing and editing programs on this computer such as Adobe Photoshop work fine.

I’m using Windows 7, 64-bit, with an Intel Q45/Q43 Express Chipset.


Edit: This seems to be happening with most tools, not just the pencil and brush. Any kind of change is only visible once the mouse button is released. The work screen also goes black when play is pushed, rather than displaying the animation of the frames when in camera view. In drawing view it displays the first frame only when play is pushed, though I believe this is to be expected.

You are correct in that the drawing view does not display animation. It is more or less a room to draw in or a table top to draw upon. As in real life the animation is done with a camera except in this case it is a virtual camera.

Your workscreen may be appearing black because you have not added any objects in the scene that are in color. I have no way to know yet but this is a common mistake encountered. By default a rendered scene is black. People draw black lines and wonder why they don’t see anything in a rendering.

Have you used color on anything in your scene?

What graphics card is in your system? Quickly Googling I see that the Q45 Express chipset has been discontinued. How old is your system? How much RAM is on the card? Are you up to date on drivers of the graphics card and Wacom tablet?

How much RAM is in your system?

I think it’s probably the graphics card. I’ve tried using colour and white, too, and it all shows up as black anyway, both when I’m drawing and when I press play.

I’m using the Q45 Express. My computer is several years old, I’m not sure exactly how many- it was a broken computer that we repaired about 5 years ago. I’ll probably replace it soon. The Wacom drivers are up to date, and I’m not sure about the graphics card.

1647 MB are available on the graphics card and 3.47 GB on the system.

If you never upgraded the graphics card or added RAM, 5 years in a home computer is old because they generally are not that robust and newer software is increasingly more demanding on resources.

Something to help gather knowledge to figure out what is going on with your situation: Try adding a Colour Card to a scene and rendering it. That is a panel that sits like a backdrop to your drawings. It will eliminate the black background.

The amount of RAM is a potential problem. The 1647MB probably represents how much the card can draw from the 3.47GB of shared system RAM so you are not meeting the minimum requirements. It is probably enough to start learning with but you will eventually run into problems if you have not already.

If you can get beyond this strange drawing problem and the black scenes you might have the opportunity to do a lot more experimenting and learning on that system even though it is under-powered. You can learn a lot just doing small tests, experiments and having the User Guide and software in front of you. When you eventually replace this system, sooner than later, you will not have wasted time.

I use Macs but I have an older Mac Mini that I could run Animate Pro 3 on even though it did not meet the minimum requirements. I could not even install Harmony on it though. I ended up building a PC that could run OS X for Harmony. It was a lot easier to afford and provides for customization. Apple has become extremely expensive to customize now that you have to order the maximum up front when all the components are the most expensive and there is no opportunity to upgrade later.