Pen won't draw or select, but it will react to buttons in the program. The mouse does draw and does everything else


In the video, I get the pen to draw right away and then it stops. That happened after several attempts to draw in the program. When I draw with the mouse, it’s just fine. Works fine. The pen usually works perfectly in Clip Studio Paint. It still works perfectly in CSP, but not in Toon Boom.

UPDATE: After asking around, I realized this problem is fixed by unplugging my second monitor. However, this is not a true solution, because I still need my dual monitor set-up to work. So I’m still asking for help on this, please!

TABLET: Ugee 1910B
PEN: Ugee pen that came with tablet
PROGRAM: Toon Boom Harmony 21 Advanced
OS: Windows 10 Pro
I’m on a PC, so I’m not using a touch-screen tablet or anything.

In Preferences, under the Advanced tab try deselecting ‘Use Qt Wintab Tablet Support’ under Tablet Support, then close and relaunch Harmony.

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AH!! Thank you, that did it! Much love, and I’ll be sharing this lil nudge of info around, as this has been a recurring issue.