pen value

hi all - quite an annoying event going on here … i select a pen value with pencil or brush, say 2, draw something with it, then use the select tool or some other tool, go back to pen/brush and low and behold, the value of my pen drops to the last entry in my pen list …this has been happening since i upgraded to 8 - i am now on 8.1 and was hoping it would have been addressed in the update, but it wasn’t …to compensate for this, i have been creating a new value so it is last, but this will become cumbersome should i switch between values … not sure if you are aware of it or not or something is screwy with my mac … thanks, Dan

If you use the select tool to select a stroke drawn with another brush setting then when you go back to the brush tool this will be the setting selected.

i also see that problem with the eraser tool - i have it set on 2, i do something and the next thing i know it’s set at the bottom of the list’s value. I did notice that if a select is used between brush usages, it defaults to that value. Sometimes i also see a complete loss of the pencil value as i try to do draw something, i get a blue line that indicates no value was chosen ….i have been using TB since version 3 and this is the first time i have ever had to deal with this - i do find it annoying and cumbersome to use … do you know if this is a bug or a refinement? thanks, Dan

Try pressing enter after changing your pen settings.

could someone please direct to where I might ask a question about my 19u having nothing on the display although the light is blue and I can interact with the cursor on the pc by way of the 19u? please and thanks sorry to bother