pen tools

I know I’ve asked this before but it is still my on going daily headache and I am working for a new company right now and all the other board artists complain that they don’t understand why SB is set up this way .

The problem - Can toon boom separate the pen style from the colour selection and the draw behind option.
1 when selecting between pen presets it defaults to black each time - counter intuitive )
2 when colouring using draw behind using 2 or more pen sizes i do not want the colour to change when switching. I do not want the draw behind option attached to the pen size preset either . it an option I want to choose as a process when colouring .

these changes would, i am certain, speed up storyboard production a great deal as it would save so much unneccessary back and forth each time I make a pen selection and an unexpected colour mark is made or the draw behind is off etc .

I’ve been using SB for over 5 years ,8 hours aday , 5 days a week . I know what I’m talking about .( Sorry - accumulative frustration came out there . ) I do like the program - i wouldn’t use it otherwise. but it could be better.

Maybe a toggle for this behaviour, I do use brushes that are solely for painting behind and others set up purely for outlines.

Hi yoborob

There is possible to set brushes to remember color and draw behind(or not) and also the destination layer. Just add a new brush in the brush preset window. Name it and choose destination layer. Press OK. Now choose the brush. Choose the desired color. Then go to tool properties and choose Draw behind(or not). Then go to the top left of the brush preset window. There is a + and a - and a, pencil with an arrow button. Press the pencil with an arrow button, this will update the brush properties. The next time you use this brush it will remember color and Draw/ draw behind selection. The above is just for brush not for pencil.

Best regards