Pen tool stops working when toggling between panels

I’m on 1.6, windows 7. Whenever I am toggling/flipping through panels using the “A” and “F” keys without warning the toggling stops abruptly and the pen tool switches to a crosshair with an “R” next to it. I can move it around and put the draw what looks like the lasso-line, but it is totally functionless. It’s making the program completely and totally unusable. Then, after a random amount of time has passed, it seems totally arbitrary, it starts to work again. Any idea what is going on? I’ve uninstalled and re-installed the program, as well as the wacom drivers. I’ve also fiddled with the windows filter keys, thinking that the rapid succession of switching between “A” and “F” is messing something up, but I’ve had no success.
HELP. I’m the supervising producer of one of the largest animated brands in the world and I need this program working. I will talk to our IT department tomorrow if I don’t get the answer, but I really need it soon so I can continue my work tonight. Thanks for your help.

AAAAND now its asking me to save before leaving. Of course I hadn’t tried to shut it down. And then it brings up a windows explorer window asking me to browse for an .XML file. All without any prompting from me. This is seriously messed up.

Hi matthewG_63281

I am on mac but have following this forum come aware of that many windows users have experienced similar problems using the aero theme on their desktop. This is from an earlier thread on TB Studio but the problem has as I remeber it have been reported for many of the TB apps:

—if you’re on Windows, disable the Aero desktop theme by right-clicking the desktop, selecting “Personalize” and using instead one of the Basic & High Contrast themes instead. If it doesn’t help, switch the software to use Direct3D on the Display tab of the preferences (requires a relaunch of the software after modifying the setting).—

found here:

Hope you are soon up and running.
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Thank you for your response. I will try this when I am home, but unfortunately I don’t believe this is the problem. Generally, the program has no problem with the drawing tools. I can draw fine, but it’s when flipping panels that an issue appears, and the random XML prompt and the random “save before quitting” prompt makes me think the problem is something else, like the way the files are being organized behind the scenes. Thank you again though.