pen tool draws only one stroke at a time

I have been using ST Pro 2 for about a year and a half and upgraded around a year ago. In the last few days it has started to play up. the brush and eraser tools allow me only to make one or two strokes, then it freezes or makes unexpected lines. I have to click on to the camera or fill tool then back to the brush to make the next stroke. I am making corrections to a board that I completed on Thursday without problem. so I am against a deadline, have no time for this nonsense and this is making life impossible. Something similar happened last autumn, but it seemed to fix itself, so I forgot about it.This has gone on for a couple of days now, so I am worried.Am I doing something wrong? I don’t think I have started doing anything different. I am using it on a PC running Windows 7 ( with Aero turned off of course, thanks to your advice.) It has worked fine up until now. It does have a tendency to crash sometimes if I use the control-V shortcut to paste something. But that is more of an annoyance. This drawing fault is a real impediment.Any clues how I could fix it would be much appreciated.Cheers,Gary

Hi Lily, As you suggested, I sent a message to the support team on Monday 12th March after getting your response. I have heard nothing from them at all. Is it a holiday or something? I am against a really tight deadline. How can I wait for days for a response and get my work done?Please reply. The problem seemed to get better for a day or so. As long as I didn’t move the pen too fast it would keep drawing for several lines. Last night it started missing out bits of line and now I am back trying to draw one line at a time. The graphic tablet still works in Flash and Photoshop. So It doesn’t seem to be that at fault.Cheers,Gary

Hi Lily,I have still not heard from the support team. What is the story?Cheers,Gary

Hello Gary,Can you send your e-mail again to support@toonboom.comWe have a hard time locating your first e-mail.Sorry for this.Best regards,–Francois

Go ahead and write in to so that they can investigate your situation more carefully.


Ack I’m sorry, I was on holiday last week, but the support team should have responded to your email within 24 hours. I have send them the link to this forum entry, it may be that your email was intercepted and never made it to them. They should contact you shortly.