pen texture files

Hi, not sure if this is the right place to ask about this, but here goes:

I was experimenting with the textured pens in Harmony, and there was one that was ALMOST what I was after, but I foolishly changed it in search of a better option. Now I cannot locate the original texture file. It is not any of the tga’s in the pen texture library.

I have had a few goes creating my own artwork for a texture file, but that is not working so well either.

Can anyone tell me where I can find the original pen texture file that was resident in Texture 2 in the Tool Properties menu?

Alternatively, can anyone tell me if there is a library of pen texture files anywhere that I can download?

Thank you, I do love Harmony, and I know there must be a straightforward answer to this.


Are you using Brush or Pencil textures? For Brush textures, this is saved in the Preferences file. To ge it back, you can trash your preferences. Are you on a Windows or a Mac machine?

For a Pencil, there’s two icons there. The one on the left lets you click to import a new texture into the scene. Then the one on the right shows the texture that’s currently saved in the Preferences. If you click on the arrow from left to right, it will copy the texture from the Preferences back into the scene.