pen synchro with hd screen

Hi everybody,

I’m having trouble at home with a 22HD cintiq that works well at the studio.

When I use it at home on my PC I cannot fix the synchronization of the pen properly.

I have a shift between the tip of the pen and where I draw on the screen.

I noticed that if I set my PC screen resolution on lower values the shift is also reduced but still there.

In fact it seems that my screen doesn’t have the same ratio than the cintiq (1920 x 1080 for the cintiq (16/9e) vs 1680 x 1050 for the Samsung S22E450MW (16/10e))

Note that this only happens with Storyboard pro ! I do not have any problem in other drawing applications ! (like photoshop for example)…

Anyone have an idea to solve this problem ?

Thanks a lot by advance

(please forgive my bad english and have a good day :wink: )

Uninstall all old tablet drivers and preferences. Search separately for tablet
and wacom on your computer to find them all. Reboot the system.
Download and install the latest tablet driver for the Cintiq.

Try making the Cintiq the primary monitor and use it for the pen calibration.
Avoid desktop scaling and leave the display settings at 100%