Pen stroke not syncing

i just downloaded the trial today cause ive been considering on swapping over animation software. however the first thing i do is do a pen stroke with the brush tool only to notice that where my pen is and where the line appears are completely different. its about 2mm off but when your drawing that is a big difference with a small pen stroke.

i have a wacom cintiq 16 inch and i compared it to Photoshop to make sure it wasnt my monitor just messing up or anything and it simply seems to be just in toon boom.

any information to help would be much appreciated, or i simply wont be able to find it a worth while investment to swap software :confused:

In the past have you performed a ‘pen calibration’ in Wacom Properties with Photoshop selected. If so the calibration would only work for Photoshop.
If this is the case try calibrating again but Harmony selected.
Only thing I can think of right now.

This is just a user forum. Contact Toon Boom directly:

Toon Boom supports Wacom products exclusively. They are not going to allow something like this to exist universally across the board. It is an incident tying in with your specific hardware and software which they ought to be able to remedy.