Pen resistance/drag adjuster

I’d like a way to adjust resistance/drag in a pen. It may or may not exist already. I am not aware of it. The Wacoms have always been way too sloppy for my taste. I get unwanted flourishes at the ends because it does not stop producing a mark soon enough when I am lifting the tip. A factor is the springy tip on a Wacom but that can be accommodated. The iPad Pro with Astropad and Apple Pencil is less sensitive in this regard and easier to control. However the ideal is being able to adjust these myself depending on what brush I am using.

Example: I set up both a brush and pencil at 1% minimum to 500% maximum. This is the most extreme range possible. The pen is required to sense the lightest pressure to the heaviest in the shortest range of pressure one could possibly apply. My Wacom Intuos Pro was able to match the finest lines I can achieve with any settings. But you must focus all of your attention on subtly applying pressure. So much so that it is impractical. I could never draw this way. This was just an experiment. But I could see how it would be possible with the ability to adjust resistance. I may not need a 1%-500% brush but similar demands would present themselves with many other brush settings.

I tried the same brush/pen setting using the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. This hardware requires more pressure before it senses input. The result was that it jumped to a thicker beginning. The hardware is capable of producing fine lines but not when the settings are this extreme. With resistance adjustment I would in essence make the Apple Pencil begin detecting pressure with a lighter touch. FWIW I prefer the iPad Pro/Apple Pencil over the Wacom because of its greater resistance. I do not have the problem of producing unwanted flourishes as I lift the tip that I experience with the Wacom. But the ideal is between the two devices and this could be achieved if there was an adjustment to dial in resistance/drag.

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…independence maybe in the form of two types: 1. a global Preferences setting and 2. a custom brush setting. This way we could fine tune the software for the Tablet like a Preferences setting and we would also fine tune it for specific brushes using the saved global Preference as a starting point.