Pen Problems

I have an odd problem trying to draw with my pen. I have a Artisul D13 (Its like a Cintiq 13) with a 2 monitor setup on Windows 8. When I open Harmony normally, the pen draws in the wrong place. When I open it as administrator it draws in the right place but pen pressure is gone. This problem is only with ToonBoom for some reason, I’ve already done the “unistall & reinstall tabletdrivers and toonboom”. I’ve also done the “check Disable display DPI” and still having the same problem.

The ToonBoom I using is 14 trail and I would very much like to find a solution before the trail expires.

Please note that all Toon Boom products officially supports Wacom technology only. Using an unsupported tablet or Cintiq would cause some issues.

Besides that, you can try set the resolution the same between two monitors for offset issue. As for pressure sensitivity issue, you can try you can uncheck Use QT Wintab support” in Preferences>Advanced tab (or Global UI tab for Storyboard pro) and then restart the application.

But again, there is possible of not working or other unknown issue using unsupported tablet

I’m having the exact same problem. When I open Harmony as Administrator, I can draw. but no pen pressure. but when It’s not Administrator. I can’t draw.

Uninstall and reinstall Artisul D13 driver doesn’t make any different.

I can draw just fine on Paint or other program.

Only different is i’m on Windows 10 Pro and Harmony 12 Premium v 12.2.1 (11062)

I also have a Cintiq 12WX. Are you saying None of the Cintiq would work with Harmony either. If that’s the case, then No Pen Display Tablet is supported by Harmony?

UPDATE: Worked with Artisul for 2 weeks, different settings, configurations. and it just doesn’t work. Returning the D13 now. One of the suggestion from ToonBoom was to upgrade Harmony 12 to 14 (Premium). I’m not about to spend $1800+ to get my $500 Tablet to work. at $1800, i might as well get 22" Cintiq.

I also have a Cintiq 12WX. Are you saying None of the Cintiq would work with Harmony either. If that’s the case, then No Pen Display Tablet is supported by Harmony?

Wacom is the only manufacturer Toon Boom officially supports. In that statement JSong was using the words “tablet” and “Cintiq” to reference any tablet device and any Cintiq-like device that is unsupported. If you attempt to use a non-Wacom product (IOW an unsupported product because it would not be a Wacom product) you are on your own.

From my own experience researching tablets and Cintiq-like devices, one important item you receive for the higher price of a Wacom product is unparalleled compatibility with software.

Hey guys. This guy had a problem like this and does a whole review on it. He says to make sure your icon and text size for your monitor is at 100%. I just tried that and it solved my problem.

Unfortunately, i did have 100% on icon and text size. That didn’t fix it for me. That was one of the troubleshooting thing to try with Artisul. I did end up returning the unit. I guess I’m going to fork out extra money to get 13HD from Wacom…

Thanks for the suggestion.

If you’re using a non-Wacom tablet and the pen isn’t working,
try changing the “Use QT Wintab Tablet Support” setting on
the “Advanced” tab of the preferences. Then close and re-launch
the software.

And the way to fix it is just above your post.

Hi I just got a Sony Vaio Flip 15 and there is no pen pressure with Harmony 14. The pen pressure works fine on every other program. I really need Harmony its my main tool. Please help.

Hi I have the same problem : my pen is offset or it does crazy things with toonboom. A Cintiq is really too expensive for my budget so I thought Artisul was a good option. It is, but not for Toonboom and as a 2D animation student, Toonboom is the most important software I use. I tried everything said above but none has worked for me. BUT I found a solution : I use my Artisul D13 without any driver. I can now use pen pressure in Toonboom, but the downside is that I cannot use the hotkeys. I hope it can help someone.


PREFERENCE > GLOBAL UI TAB > UNCHECK WINTAB for SB PRO - that was the missing link! I was searching for a whole day ALL over the internet and forums for the pressure sensitivity problem on my brand spanking new SURFACE BOOK. I was even about to return the fancy laptop, and then found your suggestion!


Now I will have to credit you every time somebody pulls their hair out over this issue. THANK GOD I DID NOT HAVE TO DOWNLOAD ANY DRIVERS TO DAMAGE MY WINDOWS!

You made my new purchase worth all the while! Trying to do SB job remotely on vacation, you SAVED MY LIFE!!!

Thanks a TON!!!

Having a problem with my Toonboom Harmony 15.0. Using a dual monitor set up, my tablet is a Cintiq monitor. Whenever i try to draw the pen is offset. Where i draw on the right but it makes strokes to the far left side of my screen. Been trying everything to fix it but no luck. I also have my monitor display on extend. Which is the best for me when it comes to illustrating. Any suggestions? also tried going into the programs properties to select “Disable display scaling on high DPI settings” But I am unable to make that selection to the program.

I have the same issue. Pen is drawing in the wrong place specifically on Toonboom and no other software. I use a WACOM Cintiq. I can only assume is display calibration issue but i cant see how to fix it

I have Artisul D13 as well, I have the offset problem, when I start harmony the pen draws in the wrong place and the pen sensitivity works fine, but when I start harmony as administrator the pen draws in the right place, but the pressure sensitivity doesnt work… weird.

Hola, tengo un problema con el toon boom, y es que cuando pongo el lápiz digital sobre la pantalla el cursor del ratón se me desplaza automáticamente a la derecha de la pantalla y solo me deja mover el cursor de arriba abajo

¿Cuál es la tableta que estás usando?


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Alright so it took me a while but the issue is that if you have a small brand drawing tablet windows is made to screw them over. Go and delete any WinTab files on your computer and WTclient. Delete those files.
Then go in toon boom, edit-preferences-advanced-uncheck use QT WinTab support

Hi I have the same problem