Pen Pressure only on first stroke

Using Cintiq, the pen pressure has no effect. Yet if I make any alteration to the Pen/Brush properties of Max/Min, my next stroke of the pen will be affected by pen pressure. If I left the pen and put it down, it only operates now as a fixed pen at the maximum size.

I recorded my screen showing the problem:

I tried installing the lastest driver and utility from Wacom, and that did not solve the issue.

Heya, watched your vid and i did a few tests myself. I can’t replicate the problem within Harmony, and it didn’t look like you had any odd settings so in theory should work! You mentioned you re-installed the Wacom drivers (i’m running Version 6.3.15-1 on an iMac myself). So potentially may point to a bug in Harmony i guess, perhaps next step is to delete and re-install it, a pain in the ### but the classic IT solution of turn it off and on again can work wonders :slight_smile:

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I still have not resolved this problem. My other drawing tool respond to the pressure of the pen.
Any ideas out there>

What are the specs of your system?

Did you delete the old driver before installing the latest driver?

Have you gone over any of this with Support?

Yes I did re-install Harmony and the Wacom drivers.

I have not contacted support. Are they responsive? I will refer them to this forum entry.

My system is:
– Windows 10 Pro
– HP Envy 700
– NVIDIA GeForce GTX 645 (Driver
– Wacom driver
– Cintiq 21UX DTZ-2100

I have discovered an answer. In the Preferences–>Advanced tab, when “Use Qt Wintab Tablet Support” IS checked, the pen pressure works. I don’t know if that will break anything else but I will find out.

Glad to see you have found a solution that may work for you.

Support has been responsive, helpful and generous with advice. Support plans changed with the 3-tier format. Although they were helpful when I was planning a new system for Harmony I have not needed to contact them about problems or general questions since the changes. I have not had a paid support plan. I do not know whether they are currently able to be as helpful with non-subscribers. They are still available to everyone when getting the software up and running. I believe they would assist with setting up a Wacom product.