Pen-pressure not working


I’m running the trail of animate pro 2 and the pen-pressure of my wacom bamboo isn’t picking up, though is working in with the adobe suit items.

I need this working asap, as I am to give a presentation, as to why our studio should convert to this, from flash. Please help


Hi, Fox,
When you lose pressure sensitivity, try deleting all tablet drivers except for the one powering your current tablet.
Next, delete all tablet preference files on the system (tablet.dat, tablet.pref, wacom.dat, wacom.pref).
Redo all your tablet preferences using the tablet utility.

Avoid changing screen resolution because this can cause the preferences to become unset and you would
need to repeat the last two steps when this happens. It may help to rename the folder
C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\Toon Boom Animation\Toon Boom Animate Pro 2\full-900-pref
and to redefine your Animate Pro 2 preferences as a last step.

Sorry for asking stupid questions, but sometimes simple things get hide from our eyes:

  1. When you pick up Brush tool, do you see the minimum and maximum diameter setting in the Toon Boom tool properties window? If yes - can you manipulate them?

  2. Did you try reinstalling Wacom drivers? Do you have the latest updated driver?

  3. Did you try reinstalling Toon Boom?