Pen pressure not working. I use Wacom

Hello, I downloaded the trial version of Toon Boom Harmony Advanced to check it out, but I can’t get my pen pressure to work. Or at least, not properly.

I barely have any sensitivity, and the line is always opaque which makes it impossible for me to sketch. I’ve already removed my tablet’s drivers and installed them again, and turned off (then back on) the QT wintab tablet on the preferences.

I use and old wacom fun, so I’d like to know if there’s some steps in the settings I’m missing? Or is mostly my tablet that is too old for this program?

Thanks for any help.

If you use Windows 10 you can try to uncheck “use windows ink” in the wacom setting/ mapping

Hi, thanks for replying! I’ve been looking, but my tablet doesn’t seem to have that option. I’ve looked in the settings and the control panel.