Pen Pressure and Line Width

I am using a WACOM Intuos 3 tablet. When I bring up the WACOM tablet properties page, and select the configuration for the Grip Pen, I can see that the tablet responds to pen pressure (there is a pressure indicator at the bottom of this page which responds to pressure). However, in StoryBoard Pro, when I select the brush tool, it does not respond to pen pressure, I simply get a uniformly thick or thin line and cannot adjust the thickness with pen pressure. This is driving me NUTS!PLEASE HELP!

Uninstall completely the driver for Wacom, reboot (necessary), reinstall the latest drivers for Wacom.

I did this. Uninstalled the WACOM drivers using Add or Remove Programs in the Control Panel. I rebooted, then reinstalled the latest wacom driver. Alas, no change. So I phoned WACOM support. He did some tests with me on the tablet and said the driver is working correctly. Tried again. Sigh! Alas no Joy. The Wacom support guy also said that TOON BOOM is having some issues with their software/drivers and that I should get the latest updates to StoryBoard PRO (I have Build 4208 v8.1.0).PLEASE HELP!!!

One other interesting observation. I installed a trial version of Photoshop, which supports pressure sensitive brushes…NO PROBLEM, works like a charm. Not sure why I am having such problems with Storyboard PRO.

Hi,We are not using the same features from the tablet drivers that Photoshop is using so the test you did does not really mean everything is fine in the drivers.Concerning the version there has been some fixes done for the Wacom support in the upcoming release but you should still be able to run the software with an Intuos 3 (the major issue was with the Cintiq and new versions of the Wacom drivers as far as I can remember so you might want to try downgrading your drivers just in case).This being said do you have multiple monitor connected to your computer and on which monitor are you currently working (primary or secondary). Also which version of the Wacom drivers are installed on your machine.Best regards,Ugo

Same problem here. I’m trying out the Trial version of Storyboard Pro, with the intention of buying several copies for my studio. I have build 4108, the latest Wacom drivers and an Intuos 2 tablet, in a nearly-new computer using WinXP. Pressure sensitivity works fine in Toon Boom Studio. But not in Storyboard Pro.One of my remote freelancers also tried the program and experienced the identical problem (without realizing there is supposed to be pressure sensitivity), which he reported to me as a prime disadvantage of the program before I even tried it.I hope the answer isn’t going to be, “Oh, now you have to buy everyone in the studio and your freelancer an Intuos 3”.As great as Storyboard Pro seems in every other respect, if you can’t fix this primary issue, I feel reluctant to buy the program.

Just to let you know it can work, I have used an Intuos2 with both the trial and pro version. Occasionally the pressure sensitivity would kack out but I found that if I quit and went to the wacom control panel and tapped in the window to check the sesitivity setting, I could start STBDPro and it would work ok afterwards.Of course, your mileage may vary…

I tried Paul’s suggestion, but no joy. I even uninstalled the Wacom driver and reinstalled it, but it still doesn’t work.Sigh… I was looking forward to using this program. There’s nothing else like it, unfortunately, and I need it urgently to start a new project. Without the pressure sensitivity it just doesn’t look good and isn’t enjoyable to work with.Does anyone know if there’s a similar issue with Digital Pro? Before I plunk down several thousand dollars for it, I’d like to find out if the drawing works properly. The trial version is a very different build than the full version.

Hi Fong,We are about to launch a new version of Storyboard which has contains a fix for the Wacom so you might want to check that new trial once it is release (the release is very imminent). The timer on that new trial is not on the same timer as the one you currently have so you can continue using the current version and check the other features until the new version is released where you will be able to finalize the testing and check the new features.Best regards,Ugo

Just an FYI, I installed a previous version of Storyboard (not Pro), version 8.1.0 Build 4065 and the Pen Pressure and Line Width work nicely. Glad to hear you will be releasing a fix to the latest version. :slight_smile:

I downloaded version 8.5 - worked well… however, it is not the version currently in production and creating a board in 30 panels or less is a challenge ;)I switched my sweet ATI Fire GL 8800 to an NVIDIA e-GeForce 7600 GS (this did NOTHING!) I installed every possible driver out on the net - no difference. I purchased a lovely cintique 12WX… thinking it must have been my tablet… nope… there is a new feature in 8.1 build 4362 (and in 8.5) that I did not have selected.8.1. build 4362 has a new addition to the preferences in drawing view (Edit - preferences). The tablet support (use QT windows tablet support) when clicked on has enabled me to draw with a thin and thick line. All was good and happy… but then I found new things…I have now discovered that any Jpegs imported as shots can only be seen in thumbnail mode - they appear as noise in the drawing view - they can not be altered in build 4362. ( I have build 4098 installed on my machine at the studio). I am also discovering that when I flatten my drawing… it vanishes! it is still there … but i have to select it and then put colour back into it - making the finished drawing look terrible.I have also discovered that tapping on a thumbnail at the bottom of the screen does not bring up the panel in the drawing view - it opens the colour picker! This is random… and very frustrating.Can somebody please give me some solutions ? and I will not believe it is the fault of cyber gnomes either :wink: …does this mean I will have an extension on my storyboard deadline? HELP! ??? merci!

Make sure to contact support as the version you are talking about is not an official version and fixes have been done for those issues.