Pen not registering correctly in camera or drawing windows

I updated to the newest driver and just updated ALL of my computer a few weeks ago. a few days a go i went into toon boom to show someone how it works (cause i’m always down to show it off) and it worked perfectly but later i came back and now it doesn’t. the pen works like a mouse for the most part in the program. i can click on layers and nodes and all the icons, but as soon as i go into the drawing or camera tabs, i have to put the pen on the far right side of the Cintiq to get any reaction on the window (and its HELLA off).at first i thought it was my two monitor set up, but again, that wouldn’t make sense considering it works like a mouse on other parts of the program. It also didnt work in CSP but there was a preference i could change in it that made it work. I wonder if y’all know of any?

My set up is
1 monitor, 1 Wacom Cintiq,driver 6.3.29-6, Windows 10 v. 1803, Harmony version 12.2