Pen/ mouse don't respond.

Since I bought the TB studio , I have mentioned on the forum several times that often the pen will produce only dots and they are not associated with the position of the cursor. But no line / ellipse et - cetera.
Has this issue been resolved yet ?

This evening I can’t start anything.

Again : The pen on the tablet shows the cursor but no line or only dots .
I was advised (here) to use only the brush , this does not work either.

This is really tiresome. Several months of this problem.

Imac , four gig ram . Bamboo tablet/mouse/pen.

You can try uninstalling the tablet drivers and installing the most recent ones. I know that a new version of wacom drivers came out fairly recently.

I just shall give this a try. Thanks

The update of the drivers worked.

However I notice that as the drawing becomes more complex , the response of the brush slows down.

What kind of graphics card is in that?