Pen misalignment with Wacom Bamboo Connect

Hello! I’m having an issue where when I try and draw, the mark appears some distance from the cursor.

Now, I think I’ve more or less figured out what the issue is- this tablet supports two modes: “Pen,” where the tablet maps across the whole screen (like you’d expect most tablets to), and “Mouse” where the pen only moves when I move it near the tablet surface (Like a mouse, I can move it further by picking up the pen and pulling it back, and moving again).

Now, this issue only occurs in “Mouse” mode, so this is technically an easy fix… But the Bamboo Connect has a very small surface area, which makes it really hard to use in Pen mode.

Is there any way to make Harmony work with “Mouse” mode, or am I just gonna have to get used to drawing at about a third of the size of my display?