Pen misalignment when using 2 monitors

So I am using an Ugee UG-2150 monitor tablet, alongside an Acer monitor. When I use Toonboom (Harmony Advanced) with JUST the tablet monitor connected, everything works fine. But when I attach the second monitor and try to draw in Toonboom, the lines appear about 2 inches to the right of the pen. The cursor is lined up with the pen, but the drawing is off. I tried drawing in a different software, and it was fine, which led me to believe it’s an issue with Toonboom, and not the tablet.

I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers for my tablet a few times, to no avail.

Kalabor106…thanks for the suggestion. We have tried the 59hz trick in every permutation and it did not matter.

scardario…we have a clean install (just the OS, the hardware drivers, and Toon Boom on otherwise empty harddrives) in both Windows 10 and Windows 7 and no matter what set of drivers (and how many times we uninstall/reinstall) the problem persists.

BUT, the link you provided to another forum discussion has made us aware that this problem is fairly common, shows up with more than one combination of hardware, and has been evident for years. Also, it looks like in some cases Toon Boom tech support is able to find a fix, even if it’s a one-off fix.

So, that’s our next step. We will work with Tech Support and see if they can fix it.

We will post updates about whatever happens.

Have you tried to option related with scaling mentioned on the post linked above? One option is to check that the drawing screen is not set to a scaling different from 100%. This would be somewhere in Control Panel\Appearance and Personalisation\Display on Windows 8/10 and in Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Display on 7. If that doesn’t work there’s the option to right-click at the Harmony icon, select the compatibility tab and check “disable display scaling on high DPI settings”.

Luis Canau

Just got offline from a remote access session. Toon Boom tech support sent us “Team Viewer” which we installed and which allowed Toon Boom to control our PC.

It was rather frustrating because TB kept asking us questions we had already answered (eg, “Are you using Windows 10?” when we had already provided all the specs of our software and hardware).

And so it went for about a half-hour…TB rounded up the usual suspects (eg, do the resolutions match?, is the scaling at 100%%, is the scaling disabled?) and nothing changed.

And of course nothing is going to change because TB did nothing we hadn’t already tried ourselves, and had already explained to TB.


Anyway, bottom line, until either TB or Ugee work things out, separately or together, the two products (Harmony Advanced and Ugee UG-2150) will not play nice together in a dual-monitor setup in extended mode. (When both monitors are clones, the cursor tracking is accurate; when one monitor is an extended desktop of the other, the cursor is offset).

I will write – again – to Ugee and see if they can do any better at resolving this mismatch of hardware and software.

I had this very problem. In Toon Boom Studios it would line up just fine but in Harmony it was about 1.5" to the upper left of my cursor. Went on for about a week and finally figured out it was to do with my drawing monitor when running two screens. My display on the drawing monitor at 60 hertz with identical resolution. Some reason this was causing the conflict.

Try turning the hertz on that monitor down to 59 or lower. If you cannot, turn the Resolution down on the drawing monitor this may help. Let me know if this helps or if you have other questions.

I had the very same problem this week with a cintiq 13HD, I had to uninstall DisplayFusion and follow the instructions of this post:

Basically I had to close all programs, uninstall all drivers, delete the driver’s registry data, uninstall toon boom, restart and install the latest drivers and the latest toon boom version. I even had to do it several times. The saddest part was that I lost all my tablet settings.

Right now is working fine, at least it was worth it.

Good luck with your problem. Hope to be of any help.

Might be a dumb question but have to tried changing(replacing) the wire that hooks up to the from the drawing screen to the USB port? I hear that has cause some issues with cursor misalignment.