Pen lag in Harmony 14 - Slow pen response or errors in pen response

I continue to experiment with both Harmony 14 and Storyboard Pro 5.5 (the unreleased Beta fixed version) and I’ve encountered a lot of odd pen behavior.

The latest oddity was problems with a Wacom AES pen on a Lenovo Yoga laptop i5 machine, Intel integrated graphics.

In Storyboard unreleased beta 5-5 version which fixed tablet drawing, it works fine.

In Harmony, I encountered terrible pen lag when drawing.

The standard response from Toonboom in such situations has been to blame the video card. In this case, it would be easy: An i5 processor with integrated graphics is not a workstation.

The problem with this excuse is I can run these programs on another six year old laptop with integrated graphics and no issues.

So, I refused to accept the standard Toonboom answer and continued to try things.

The key appears to be: Wacom drivers.

Bottom line:
For AES pens, which are the pens that require a power supply or recharging in the laptop silo:
Uninstall the Wacom program and drivers. Get rid of them! Then do a restart and let Windows find its own drivers.

Then, find the “Use QT Wintab Tablet Support” preference in Toonboom and UNCHECK it. Restart and you are probably good to go!

…or not…

I would love to hear if people are having trouble or finding this to be a fix.

Let me update this possible solution with a better one:
Stay off the official wacom site when updating your pen drivers.
Uninstall the pen drivers as above.
Check out the Lenovo support site for your machine.
I have to say, I am deeply impressed by their driver support.
Find the drivers for your machine, which should include the latest pen screen drivers.
Of course, this only works for lenovo machines.
Lenovo seems to be moving strongly into the pen-tablet market. I really like their machines.