pen drawing in totally different location

I have a Wacom qhd 27 and the pen drawing of to side of where I am placing the pen,

I had a look at the forums and tried a lot things to no resolve apart from it fixes it self when I use duplicate displays than extend displays

and I dont wnna be doing this over and over againe to use the program, but what I can see its common problum thats been going for a good 6 years.

I have tryed removeing drivers and all files and reg, I have reinstaled toonboom a good 5 times. played with High DPI and reslustion of my Wacom qhd 27.
my last resort is to cleen install windows 10 and trying toonboom and wacom drivers on there own. as I have no clue what is going on is there any other fix as I dont wnna kinda remove all my programs -.-

I had this same problem some time ago with Harmony 12. I had to uninstall Display Fusion, a Windows manager I had installed and reinstall my drivers. Try to install different versions and also try removing all of your Wacom preferences (Backup before in case that doesn’t work)

If none of this works, I’m afraid the best thing you can do is a clean install.