Pen doesn't work

I’m having some kind of issue with my pen. I’m using Harmony P 15 with a wacom cintiq, but the pen doesn’t work properly because I have to double-click for everything when I should just click once. The same happens with the drawing tools and with that I can’t draw/erase/select/etc… For example, when you want to draw you just slide your pen over the screen right? Well, nothing happens in my case. The thing is, when I had used Harmony in the past I didn’t experience any kind of problem and nothing changed since then-not in my computer or cintiq- so I don’t understand where the problem comes from.

I´m having a similar issue.
It was working fine untill all of the sudden I can only hover the pen, but touching the screen doesn´t do anything, meaning, it´s like the pen doesn´t click in Harmony 15.

I tried on other softwares like photoshop and it works fine, this is only in harmony. Please help. I´m on a very tight deadline in a project and now I´m basicly unable to work.

Have you updated your Wacom Drivers? 6.3.30 is causing a lot of issues in TB. I wrote to Wacom Support some days back and they recommended to switch back to the previous version. I have installed 6.3.29 and everything is working fine.

Same as scardario, support told me to uninstall the latest driver and reinstall an older one, and it solved the problem! It’d be nice to know when’s gonna be safe to upgrade the drivers again though…

mmmhhh, good luck with that, I have problems half of the times I update Wacom Drivers, I choose only updating once every year or so because of that.

I’d recommend to wait for a couple of months to upgrade and watch forums like this in case someone has had problems. And avoid the very last released driver.