pen calibration

Just bought Soryboard Pro. I’m using a Gateway convertible tablet pc running Windows XP.( you can find it here if your interested, … gateway sold off it’s business and edu for cation division.) Anny way … I’m having trouble with pen calibration. The pen and the cross hairs line up to each other just fine, but the line I draw is to the left of the cross hairs. Are there settings I can adjust to fix this? This is bugging the heck out of me.I’m also using this same computer to draw in photo shop and I’m not having this problem so I’m prity sure it’s Soryboard Pro. thanks for any help

I have a similar issue. I use my Wacom tablet in Photoshop just fine. The tablet is used in mouse mode for everything, but in TBStoryboard it somehow switches to tablet mode. This means when I place the crosshairs in the center of the pane, if I left my pen & put it back down in the bottom right corner of the tablet, the ink in the frame appears in the bottom right corner while the crosshair stays in frame center!If this can’t properly work with a tablet I can’t consider purchasing it.This looks like it could be a useful product, and I am still interested. Any advice is appreciated.

hi - what version of SB ? [Help > About…] - romi*

Hi,It’s version 1.5

Woops … just looked more closely.It’s 1.5 … version 8.5.0

same version for me - it’s the current demoIf the moderator or some ToonBoom staff member can’t tell me how to solve this before my trial runs out, I will not be including this software in our pipeline. I like the way this software works in the description, but the inability to properly use a stylus is a deal breaker for my shop.Any help is appreciated!

I don’t know if there is a moderator. I’m starting to think they don’t check this forum. I made my original post quite a while ago, and there has been no response accept for other users with the same problem.I’ll try calling the tech support line and let you all know if I get a solution.

thanks, Klane - that would be really cool of you 8)

Hi,Sorry for not going through this before. Concerning the Gateway tablet we never did any specific test with those so I can’t be of much help to you. We do not officially support that specific brand for the moment so it is hard for us to give you any finite answer concerning this.As for the Wacom issue you are getting we are aware that the tablet is not currently working in Mouse mode and we are looking into it.Best regards,UgoP.S. Romistar is actually a moderator (just so you know (will pass the request to webteam to get an account type change))

Thanks for the response, Ugo. I am using a Wacom tablet; I will keep checking the site for release notes stating this is fixed. At that point, I will re-evaluate the Storyboard software. ;D