I can put pegs on in my projects yet in the timeline nothing comes up.

I also can’t see it in the actual drawing.

When I attach them to my drawings a pink bar appears in the timeline but there’s nothing for me to work with.

Any help anyone could be would be great…

I used to be alright with this program when it V 2.5 but V 4.0 is proving to be somewhat tricky.

-Evan Jacobs

Well, in the “old days” pegs had automatically keyframes at start- and end-position…
These times are gone now… (I think since version 3 or 3.5…?).

Drawing elements have build in pegs now, if you like to use them…,
otherwise pegs are still very useful and necessary…, they don’t have keyframes anymore…

The rather bluish/purple bar is the peg-line without keyframes…
Select the peg and one of Scene-planning-tools -7,8,9,0- and move your object,
immediately a keyframe is created…

Be aware that you can now create similar keyframes at peg and drawing level…
very sophisticated, if one knows what one is doing, otherwise… this can lead to very unusual results.


Okay… I am very sorry but I am even more lost.

I have used the sceneplanning tools, I have moved the characters and maybe a keyframe is created… however, I can’t see the little ball that I used to see that let me “pull” the characters along the peg at all.

I am on a Mac if that helps.

I have no idea why ToonBoom has made things more complicated with each release. I thought the idea was to be simpler.

I am seriously contemplating doing my animating on a 6 year old eMac in version 2.5, which would negate my whole reason for upgrading to a new iMac and gtting V 4.0.

Nolan thank you for your help… and other help would be appreciated.

All I want to do is put a peg on two characters and get them moving across the screen.


Select the VIEW>PEGS>SHOW ALL PEGS command. Don’t use the SELECT tool like you use to use it in V2.5 it no longer is a keyframing tool. Use the TRANSFORM tool instead. -JK


Okay, maybe this program is beyond me now but I am completely lost.

Could you walk me through, step by step, the formally simply act of attaching a peg to characters, attaching a camera to that peg and then making it move across the screen. I know I am close to something, I just need to make my elements move across the screen with the characters following them.


Evan Jacobs

Here is a little iShowU-Capture-Demo:

"File has been taken off"



Thank you!

I did it, even though it was a mix of watching your video and just clicking around like a madman.

Anyway, thank you for that and can you tell me more about the program you used to create it?


Evan Jacobs

Well, I just testing the demo… this was actually my first recording I did, very easy to use,
plenty of settings to choose from, or create your own…
Never thought creating screen-capture-videos would be so easy.

Maybe you might like and give it a test-drive as well: