I have been working with Flash for a few years now, and I am quite happy with it overall…except of course the fact that it is not designed for animation. I thought TBS would be what I was missing from Flash…but this whole peg system is confusing and seemingly convoluted. I admit I haven’t invested enough time to really get the hang of it, but it bothers me that it isn’t as intuitive as flash. With Flash I was up and running in less than a few days…I keep opening up TBS in the hope of integrating a more animation-friendly program into the pipeline, and closing it is frustration half an hour to an hour later…Why a person would want to add more than one camera to a scene is beyond me…and putting cameras on pegs, and drawing on pegs, pegs on pegs…argghhhh. why not just do away with pegs altogether? OR simplify it so it is more user friendly…i really want to learn this program…but it has got to be almost the most frustrating program ever made…imo.

Okay, now that I got that out…does anyone know any good resources for learning TBS?..besides the manual(yikes) and those short little vids on the TB site. I would love it if there were some style vids or something like that…Or a well explained text doc on using TBS.


The only reason you’d use more than one camera in a scene is to try different shots or framing–you can’t actually switch between them for a jump cut.

Pegs are a nice addition for limited animation because they allow you to construct a character rig whose parts never get out of joint as they can be heirarchically (is that a word?) set up to follow each other like bones.

You can also use pegs to group things, to organize your timeline, or to tween an object across the work area.

You don’t have to use pegs if you don’t want to. If, for example, you’re using a more frame-by-frame style, you can do that in Toon Boom and never touch a peg.

JK is another forum member, and he has some fabulous resources at his site/blog, including some carefully and intelligently written articles about a number of animation related and Toon Boom related topics.

For example, check out his article on understanding pegs:

JK also has a great FAQ’s section on TBS:

He’ll be along at some point to chime in get you rolling in exactly the right direction. :smiley:


This won’t help you right now but check this video tutorial out:


Thanks, Rob. That link is pretty good for sure. I read through a few of the pages, and I will definitely read the rest later…and as for that link, Guitarist…I can’t wait.