Pegs: Why do the drawings connected to the peg morph shape when I rotate the peg?


I have a problem regarding pegs.

There’s this puppet I have to animate, and when I rotate the peg for the shin and foot, the drawings morph (squash and stretch). Also, when I use the Rotate tool in on the peg, the wheel looks more like an eclipse than a perfect circle.

I tried to make new drawings for the shin and foot, hopefully that they wouldn’t morph, but I get the same result: morphing drawings.

Can someone please help me how to fix this?

I want the drawings to be consistent in size and shape whenever I rotate a peg on a puppet.

Hi Conmann,

Could you post a screen grab of your timeline or Node view and the morph issue in the camera view. Do you have deformers anywhere in your rigs. If you put a Peg below a deformer, the distortion may occur.
If you do not have deformers, then the screen grab will help identify the issue.


There were no deformers in the rig, but it does consist of a lot of circles and ellipses being resized and morphed into parts of the puppet.

Also, I didn’t make this rig.

Hi Conmann,

There is a Y scale applied somewhere. If you display the layers parameters [+], there should be a Y or X scale somewhere on one of the parent pegs.
When using the Rotate tool, the displayed ellipse should be round and not squashed.


But I’m wondering how to counter it. How do I make it not squash and morph like that?

Are you able to share the scene–or a subset of it? It would be easier to debug it. :slight_smile:



Hold on, I think I’ve got it. I’ve messed around with the skewer in the parameters and it decreased the morphing by a long shot. Things should run smoother now.