Pegs vs Deformers

Hi all, I have a bit of a problem here animating with deformers, it seems that the peg that is attached to the element is not in use when using the deformers and appears at a different location than where I had placed it along the character rigs or at times not show up at all ( this i think is a bug since when ever i re-open the scene the pivot shows up) and at times the main character peg may not move from its position when the character is being animated, it just stays where it was placed. This happen to all my character rigs i have never had this problem when just using non- deformer rigs. I’m working with Harmony 10.0.

I’m having a hard time following what you are describing, there may be more than one issue at work here.

You may want to try a simplified rig to start with (two rectangles connected by a joint). In the element’s “Layer Properties”; on the “Drawing” tab - review the “Use Embedded Pivots” setting to see what the current setting for the element is.

Remember that deformation rigs are a relatively advanced technique and requires a bit of experience to get right (and to know when to use or not use them). They also require more graphics resources to use then a peg hierarchy. If you can do the same thing without deformation then you should probably not add it.

That said, the deformation features (and the new Mesh Warp effect) are powerful tools when used in the right circumstances but it does help to review the tutorials if you run into unexpected behavior.

If you still believe that there’s something off in your project, you should probably contact support to have a look.

At least I can say thanks for some help. I’ll contact support tho the tutorial show a step i wasn’t aware of, maybe that’s why one of my problems that I haven’t mentioned exists. I am thankful.