pegs using embedded drawing pivot won't animate

I build my character with multiple views under one rig, and to make this work, I have to use the embedded pivot in the drawing layer and apply it to parent peg, which works just fine.

The problem starts when i tried animating it, the peg doesn’t seem to animate/tween from point to point, for example:

Tweening from my front view to my profile view, my arm wont move from side to front and and simply jumps/snaps from left to middle position on my profile, same case with all other body parts and hands. I don’t understand, is this suppose to happen?

I’ve attached a screen caps of just the arm to show how it snaps from 1 registration point to next point without inbetween, I had the onion skin on to show that it is not tweening.


Are you using motion keyframes? From your descriptions your keyframes might be set to stop-motion keyframes. You can change the default keyframe type in the Stage Preferences on the General tab (settings section).