Pegs, IK Cut-Out Rigging

I’m attempting to use IK but there seem to be two rotation dots (pegs?) in each joint instead of one.

I have been adding a rotation dot on each joint following a tutorial, but I’m now on an IK tutorial and when you press the IK button there is meant to be one dot on each joint, but I think because I’ve been adding them they’re overlapping somehow.

If someone could give me some advice or help solve the issue I’d be greatful! :slight_smile:

Below I have attatched an image of the IK issue I am having, perhaps it will help.

I’ve just found out about IK cut out rigging. I apologise for asking what are probably simple quick fixes, I’ve never animated before ^^;

Thankyou for helping me with my last issue, I didn’t expect it to be solved so quickly and easily! :slight_smile:


Did you perhaps set the IK for both the elements and their pegs?
Try removing all IK constrains and setting them only for the pegs.

ok, I will look up how to do that thankyou