Pegs: Enable/disable via a keyframe?

Is it possible to somehow trigger the visibility of a peg with a keyframe?

The Reason I ask:

I have a character with 2 different head positions, each position in an own peg (Peg_head_Frontview, Peg_Side_view) .

(Each peg contains the respective eyes, mouth and general head layers)

So what I want to do is:
While the character is talking his speech, switch from one view to an other.

f.e.: Peg_head_Frontview is visible from frame 1-80, then from frame 81-100 Peg_Side_view is visible.

I know i can do it via seting the exposure of the drawing layers inside the pegs, but as these are multiple drawing layers and the switch has to happen quite often during a long speech, this would be really tedious…)

Any Ideas?

There is another, simpler way to do it…

Show both heads simultaneously and simply remove the exposure (timeline is easiest for doing this) in the frames where it is not needed. It is easier to do when the head is grouped, that way you can collapse the group and only remove the frames from two things (each head group).

that’s actually the thing i noted i know is possible, but it’s way too complicated if things get serious.


because my scene is like 10 mins long, with lots of head-changing happening in between.
also there are like 5 layers for each head.
so i have to go through the whole 10 min scene, word for word,letter for letter, and then even frame for frame, to erase out what i don’t need.

ok, now let’s imagine i do all these tedious work, finally the 10 mins scene is set up.
Now imagine my client tells me he wants it different afterwards.
On some points the other heads, other emotions.

Now i had to erase all the frames on that parts of the other heads, and they are gone.
I have to redo all the missing frames, copying in stuff from the library in the best case, draw things new in the worst, set it up again, send it to the client… and wait for him to tell me to change it again.

And that’s not some worst-case scenario, that’s actual every-day business.

And here I ask myself: why can’t i just make a peg (and all its sub-layers) visible or not via setting the exposure for the peg-layer?


There are many different ways to work in the software. For example… you can also replace a drawing at a specific frame (or frame range) by using the drawing substitution slider of the Library window. Another way you could potentially do it is to hide the column in the timeline (using the googly-eyes icon) and to make a new column for the replacement drawings if this is faster using your workflow.

Generally it is best to keep projects to one shot/scene per project and to stitch together the movie in an editing program. This is to take the best advantage of your system resources. If you are creating 10 minute scenes, there is a good chance that the system resources (RAM and Video RAM) can get used up and that the system starts lagging or responding slower.