Pegs Don't Move

I simply cannot get pegs to move?
A simple example: I attach a drawing to a peg. I set a keyframe at frame 1, then in the timeline I move to another frame (we’ll say the 24th). Then I move the peg in the 24th frame and create a keyframe (or create a keyframe then move the peg, it doesn’t seem to matter) Then I go back to the first frame and the peg is in the position I put it in in the 24th frame, like I never key framed the first frame. I am new to Toon Boom but I have used after effects similarly with no problems. I am doing things exactly as they are done in the peg motion tutorial and they don’t work, what am I doing wrong???

hi and welcome :slight_smile:
1. the keyframes must be set in the peg bar frames, not in the drawing element in the timeline.
2. work with the camera view to see the immediate changes (main menu > window > camera view).

Thank you for your help, but that is exactly what I am doing. That is why this is so frustrating. I am following the tutorial to a T, Played it over and over and I cannot figure out why it works in the tutorial and not for me.

GOT IT!!! I was using the select tool to move the peg instead of the transform tool. It seems so obvious now that I figured it out but man that was frustrating.