Peg Velocity

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Is there a way to keep the peg velocity at a constant speed, and not accelerate? I’m having difficulty figguring out how to do that, or if it is even possible at all.

try to get acquainted with function editor:
main manu > windows > function editor.
there you can select motion path (an arrow) and change the properties.

I think there’s a preset for constant velocity in the velocity section of the function editor. Somewhere in teh upper right corner there’s a drop-down menu of presets, and the top one (I think) is a straight line going up, left to right. This one should be constant velocity.

the preset for constant in the function editor is greyed out. I can’t select it for some reason. is there somthing I could be doing to have this happen maybe?

I dont know if this is what you’re doing but

Select your peg > select the velocity in the properties > select “edit” > click the little icon underneath “reshape” in the top right and from that list choose "linear"

Im not sure if thats what you;re after but thats how to do it if i understand right. Hope that helps