Peg ummm help

I am a little confused ??? when i attach the eyes nose and stuff to the face outline the face covers it and i cant see it in the camera view and it wont let me move it backward umm help please

In addition to ordering element tracks in the time line some times you also need to order your elements along the z axis. You can move elements back and forth along the Z axis while in Camera View. Useful keyboard shortcuts are Alt + Down Arrow to bring the element one increment closer to the camera, and Alt + Up Arrow to push the element one increment back. Using these shortcuts in Camera View will move elements in .01 increments. So just select the hidden element or elements by selecting the appropriate track in the time line then you need to make sure the camera view panel has focus and use the keyboard shorts cuts to adjust your element in the z direction. -JK

k i will try that thanks

k i am not to great with the camera could you explain a bit about it please thanks

umm still having trouble could you try explaining it to someone he hasnt used the camera before cause im still knew with it

If possible, it would be helpful if you could ask more specific questions. We are not sure exactly where you are having difficulty. Is it a matter of elements hiding other elements as you first stated or is this some other problem? We are always glad to help but we need you to narrow the topic down to a more specific problem or question. -JK

sorry i am having trouble with elment hiding other elments

I have this cat that i drew but i drew the eyes and stuff separate i attched them to the parent peg face outline but since i put color in the face out line it hides the other elements

OK, your problem is caused by the fact that all your facial elements are all located at the same identical z axis position. So you want to move them apart in the z (front to back) plane. To do this you need to be in camera view, not drawing view. Because you can’t see the eyes etc. that are hidden by the face, you can just select the face and use the Alt-Up Arrow keyboard shortcut to incrementally cause the face to be moved back in the z direction. Just repeatedly press Alt-Up Arrow until the eyes etc. that are hidden behind the face appear. What you have done each time you pressed the Alt-Up Arrow is to move the face element .01 increments back into the z plane. That’s all there is to it.

You initial time line should look something like this before your started this process:
Peg - Facial parent
Hope this help, let us know if you still need help. -JK

it just seems to move it up not backwards ugh

Make sure you are in camera view. Make sure you have the scene planning arrow tool or the transform tool selected. Also in the properties panel select the drawing tab so that you can see the changing value in the offset of the z direction which is the column to the far right of the offset values X, Y, and Z. You don’t actually have to have the properties panel visible to use the Alt-Up Arrow or Atl-Down Arrow but it is nice to see the offset value change as you press them. Lastly be sure the camera view panel has focus and that you hold down the Alt key at the same time you press the up arrow key as it takes both keys together to make this command work. You also could accomplish this by selecting the appropriate element and changing the z direction offset value in the drawing tab of the properties panel but that’s the hard way. -JK

ok i will try it thanks