Peg to Media Transport

Hi all -

in my zeal to consolidate space, I decided to place all my elements (except sound, which won’t attach to a peg) to a single peg in order to copy out to my library then drag back into a new file under a media element … I have done this in the past and worked fine - for some reason, I am getting a white display when I export the new file out… what I did was create a peg in the timeline, copy the elements in order, from the bottom to the top into the peg… to be sure it worked, I did a flash export and it ran fine… I then dragged the peg (not collapsed, as it would not drag if it was) from the timeline to my library under ‘templates’, I then opened a new file, created a ‘media’ element, then dragged the peg from the library to the element. I did an export and all i got was a white display - sound was there as i copied those in from the library back into sound elements … within the peg there are some color transform effects that I use to fade in and fade out some elements which work ok in the original - not sure if this could be the problem … anyone have any ideas as to what might be the problem?
thanks in advance, Dan

It is my understanding that in order to move a group of elements together to the library that not only do you have to attach them all to a master peg but that the peg must be collapsed when you drag it to the library panel. I realize that you stated: Now not knowing the exact specifics of what you actually were doing I can’t answer why you got this impression but I can confirm from experience that the process does work when you collapse the master peg and drag it to the library panel. -JK

Hi J -

What I am experiencing is even with a collapsed active peg (in fact, the only peg), when I try to drag it to the library (templates area), I get a circle with a line through it… normally I would see a box attached to the arrow with a ‘+’ sign in it…
What I just did was from the timeline, i highlighted the peg, did a file/copy template … went to the library/templates and did a paste template… that seemed to do the trick… not sure why the drag would not work as I have successfully done it before…on another note, any idea why sound cannot be attached to a peg and moved? Thanks for your help… d

Glad to be of some value. I’m not experience with sound being attached to a peg. Logically it wouldn’t be attached to a peg because you don’t manipulate sound that way in TBS. But I don’t have an answer or even an opinion about it. -JK