Peg Selection Mode

Hello animators,
I am currently working with a cut out rig, that uses pegs for animation (transform actions). So it is very handy to have this peg selection mode for the transform tool.
But if the peg contains a deformation chain for the drawing in addition, this mode does not work anymore. It always selects the drawing instead of the peg.
Is this a behaviour on purpose? And if so, what is the sense in it?
I searched the forum and the docs but cound’t find anything.
Would be happy, if someone knows.

Hello Steven,
Did you get any solution?
I’m having the same problem. in tharmony 14 this did not happen.


I work with both peg selection mode and bone deformers in 15 premium and don’t have this problem,

Did you deactivate the “Animate Using Animation Tools” element option under Controls Tab in layer properties? if it’s deactivated and when Peg Selection Mode is active, it will create frames ON the Peg even if it’s the element the one that appears to be selected. It’s a weird design decision but it works.

For the times I definitely need the Peg to be selected I have the “Select Parent” button on the camera bar (for example when I need to enter manually a value in the X-Sheet, you right click on the bar and choose customize), for most of the time, the setup I describe works fine.