Peg rotation problem: Plz Help!!

:-\ I’m having trouble rotating my character’s joints on thier pegs! Whenever I rotate her leg, for instance, it automatically skews my drawing! I have rotation checkmarked in the properties box, and there isn’t a skew set on any of the pegs that I can find. It seems to be worse if I try rotating her legs or feet than any other part of her body. The drawings are stretched downwards. One thing I did notice is that if I select transform on her main peg, the blue dot is waaaaaay near the bottom of the screen. Is there any way to permanently change that point? Can anyone tell me what might be wrong and how I could fix it?

The transform tool sometimes add skewing and motion to be able to visually represent what you see. That’s why it always adds all type of key frames.

It might creates some problems and you want to have only rotation.

Solution, use the rotation tool. The rotation tool will not add any key frame other then rotation.

Tip: holding control while using the rotation tool allow you to select and other drawing like if you would have the select tool seleted.
This is useful when doing cut out animation.


I am using the rotation tool to rotate her parts, lol. What I’m trying to say is that when I click the rotation tool and try to rotate her parts, it skews them as well! I mentioned the transform tool only because I thought that maybe the transform point being so far away from the actual character might somehow force it to skew when I use the rotation tool. It doesn’t make any sense to me, but that’s the only thing that seems to be different about her than my functional characters. Does anyone know how to separate the skew from the rotation tool? Again, when I use the rotation tool to rotate her legs and feet, they stretch downwards!

Hi Dragonqueen918,

Would it be possible to send us 2 screenshots.

The first one would be when you are about to do the rotation and the second would be right after the rotation is done.

Make sure that we can see the whole interface of Toon Boom Studio in it. This should give us a better idea of what is in cause.

You can send those screenshots to

Thank you,