Peg properties bug - Harmony 15 vs 14

Hey guys and Toon Boom stuff!

I noticed that when I create pegs in Harmony 15 the Scale is LOCKED by default in peg-layer’s properties, While in Harmony 14 it is SEPARATE.

I really liked that it was Separate, but now I have to go to each peg and manually (!) change it to Separate!

Do you know how can I change it from locked to separate for all my pegs at once or set it as a default setting??

P.S. “Set Properties for Many Layers” ONLY changes the Position, but not the Scale.

Please, help!


Hi there!

Try changing your preferences.

Preferences > General > Then tick the box that says ‘Default separate position for pegs’.

Thanks a lot!!! It really solved my problem! Awesome!

Bless you :3