Peg Problem

I’ve just downloaded the TBS demo, and have tried to attach a walk cycle to a peg. When ever I click on a frame in the peg, the drawing area goes blank, just the grid remains. So I’ve opened up some tutorials, and its the same thing. I click on the head element, and its there, click on the peg for that element and its gone. What am I doing wrong?



I suspect you are not aware of the differences in views. Toon Boom has two views which are often confusing. In the main window there is a Camera View and a Drawing View. They are different. There is a column of icons to your upper right in this window. The top most icon toggles you into Drawing View and the second icon, which looks like an old time movie camera, toggles you into Camera View.

Pegs are only visible in Camera View. Drawing view is to allow you to work on a specific cell in an element. Camera view is where you can composite your frames in 3D space. If you are familiar with Flash, camera view is like the main Flash stage, and drawing view is like working inside the symbol editor. Hope that this helps you. -JK

Ah, thank you! And the Flash explanation has also helped, as I am familiar with Flash.

Thanks very much!

Onwards with my cartoon!