Peg problem. See video.

I have explained my issue in the following video. Any ideas how I can sort this?


Hmmmm, looks like it shifted somewhere. Could you post an image of those pegs selected on front/side views with the cooordinate toolbar enabled?

Also try selecting taht entire leg heirachy and then in nde view hitting the top left three bars, then edit - > recalculate selected.

Thanks for your reply. I replied with a video just because I wasn’t sure which particular pegs you were referring to so I just showed the position of all of them that I thought were relevant.

Recalculate selected didn’t seem to work.

It might because your drawing layers have keyframes on them for that drawing which is causing the pivot point to swap to that side and effect the other 4 (personally when i use pegs for such cutout animations i disable"animate using animation tools" in properties (or manually in layer). This way you can select your pegged objects and be able to at the same time flip through your drawing substitutions without having to go down the hierarchy.

It’s still kinda hard to make out since it’s a video of you quick flipping through stuff, but if you’re comfortable with it you could post the project file and then i could take a look directly.

Yeah I thought it might have been keyframed drawing layers but I deleted them and nothing changed unfortunately. Okay I will keep that in mind thanks!

Yeah sorry it was a bit rushed, I’d actually really appreciate if you could have a look at the file. Thanks.

It needs to be the entire directory, not just the xstage.

Oops sorry.

Basically the problem was you moved the pegs in a really strange way where the location for the foot was stored in the peg above it and in others in two above it, so the pivot was all over the place. In the near future you should reposition your drawings on the drawing layer (or at least on the primarary peg, if you remove the pegs above your drawing layers for the leg you’ll see how they go haywire in a specific way).

I quickly removed two two pegs and replaced them with two new ones and then just used the upper peg of each drawing laywer to position it, solving the problem:

Furthermore i should mention, you should be using “apply embedded pivot on the parent peg” option. With this once you put the drawing layers pivot on each drawing, when you do turns you can swap drawings and its pivot point will update to that (you’d have to duplicate the drawing for all the views, but its easier to swap through drawing substitutions than fighting pivot placement movement while you’re animating with a pivot that’s stuck on the side).

You’d have to rerig your entire build however, but for future reference it’s what you should be doing.

Thanks you so much for looking at it for me. I will take everything you have said on board for next time. Grabbing the file now. Appreciate it :slight_smile: