Peg Pivot Trouble- HELP!

Hi folks! I’m having trouble setting the pivot point for my peg; it’s doing some super weird things that I’m having trouble solving.

I uploaded a video to youtube that goes over what’s happening… thanks!

I’m also attaching a link to the Harmony file I zipped and put up on DropBox if people want to dig around in my file at all.

Thanks in advance!

To follow up on my own post; had a friend take a look at my scene, seems like there was trouble where there were drawing pivots set, then peg pivots set on top of those which were causing the problems.

I ended up copying/pasting all the assets one by one to a new TB file and that seemed to fix everything.

I do wish TB would address the Peg/Drawing Layer pivot issue; everybody I know has trouble with it. :frowning:

I know. I downloaded your scene and stayed up trying to figure it out can could not. I watched a video from TB on the pivots under the pegs and it was not helpful but more of a “watch out for this”. I appreciate your following up your posting with the conclusion to the story and some information I might need as I ramp up on my project.

It looks like a z-depth issue to me. The Mystery Machine is really close to camera. If you set it back closer to the default position, the pivot point seems to act the way you’d expect it to. Not the ultimate fix, but if you’re simply demonstrating embedded movement in a peg, this should work fine.

Cool; I’ll take a look at it! That’s what another user on youtube suggested as well. I’m not sure how I got the pivot knocked so far off in Z-depth, but at least I know to look out for it in the future! Thank you!