Peg path

I have searched but cannot find any information for how to see, let alone make a motion path once I insert a peg.
I have a simple bouncing ball that I would like to take from one side of the stage to the other, and I HAVE managed to do that with a peg layer! Mission accomplished!
What I CAN’T seem to do is see the path line or edit it.
I am not sure what I am missing here as I can;t seem to find the appropriate topic that deals with this.
Am I daft?
Thank you in advance for any insights.

Thank you so much! I’m not daft! Just blind and/careless in my reading, apparently.
I looked through the user guide but I must have glossed over this.
So comforting to now see what every one else is seeing! :slight_smile:
Thank you again, o0Ampy0o!

Displaying the Path in Camera View:

Shaping a Path:

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