peg not attaching to object for translation

Please help! I am new to Animate2 and am going through the tutorials you have listed. I am following Adam Phillips’ intro tutorial (with the flying bird), but my peg is not attaching to the object I have nested to it. I can move the peg icon around and I can move the object around independent of each other. Oddly, it did seem to attach for rotation and skewing transformations - not translation. Also the software is not automatically setting a keyframe when I move the peg (since it is independent of the object, I guess).

OK, I just tried it again, and it is inconsistent. Sometimes the peg is attached and I can move the object and set a keyframe, but at a new frame (or even at the set keyframe), the object and peg are not attached to each other and I can move them independently. It is unpredictable.

I’ve found a workaround using: R-click in the camera view, go to Animation Tools > Transform, but I don’t think it’s the same as using the peg.

Is this an issue with preference settings? Could it be my graphics card? I don’t have the required graphics card (mine is an Intel) - would that affect the peg/parenting ability? Is it just a bug I have to live with?

I am more a traditional animator than a technician, but I am excited to learn Animate2. Please help me fix this so I can continue learning. Thank you!


it is the other way. You attach the object to the peg, not the peg to the object.

So create a peg and then drag the drawing layer onto the peg.

Thanks for your suggestion, TheRaider! It’s working now. YIPPEEE