Peg issue

A few of my students are getting the error “Unable to Add Peg” after grouping a rigged puppet. Is there some known common error that would make this happen? I’m at a loss.

Hey, there:

On this issue, the Tip of the Week you directed me to was great information. I’ve actually had the issue arise on occasion.

However, this situation is different. My fault for not giving more details at the start.

My student’s character is pretty complex. It’s an alien creature with 4 arms and two legs (I hate when students try doing too complex things at the beginning…LOL) with the Glue effects at the joints and also has the Tone effect included. His basic network all looks good. Everything works great when manipulating the puppet with the Transform tool. We then Grouped the modules with the intent of adding a Peg to the Group then grouping the original Group and Peg for a Master Puppet. We’ve always followed this procedure based on a training in Animate Pro I received from a Toon Boom trainer.

So… the problem happens after the initial grouping of the puppet’s modules and rigging. We select the Group and hit the Add Peg button. The error message we get is:

Unable To Add Peg

I had this happen on two different characters. One, I was able to fix by Ungrouping everything then re grouping. For the other, I’ve tried everything I can think of but can’t seem to fix it.

Thanks for your help. I’m definitely going to start watching your tips of the week on a regular basis.

Absolutely. This happens when you don’t have the Network View showing (Animate Pro and Harmony) and you don’t have a layer selected when you click Add Peg. The reason is, that the Timeline only shows things that the final Composite sees. And if you add a peg with nothing selected, it’s unconnected, and thus not connected to the composite, so you wouldn’t be able to see it in the Timeline.

You can add it in the Network View directly, or you can select a layer and then add a peg to it.

I went over this in a recent Tip of the Week:

Check in the description at the bottom, you can click on the hyperlink to go to the correct point in the timeline that goes over the error.


You know what sometimes happens is when you group something, it kind of connects everything to the in port of the group. Some of the things that it connects may not be pegs, and so it kind of nullifies the ability of the peg to be connected on the outside. If you go inside the group, and disconnect all the pipes from the Multi-Port In, and then re-connect the peg layers, then you should be able to add the peg outside.

Give that a try.