peg holes

Hey everybody. First of all, Happy Holidays. Now, to busyness. My Toon Boom Solo refuses to perform optical registration (you know, recognizing peg holes) in scanned drawings. I tried scaling the images, because I noticed in the frame view, that peg holes are nit within the border of the camera cone, but nothing works. Did anyone have a similar problem? Because a college of mine works in the same program and has the same problem Thanks in advance.

Hi, Happy Holidays.
Your question is about to Toon Boom Solo, and is very likely to find appropriate answer in the forums of Animate or may be Digital Pro, (Community/Forums/Digital Pro), because its name has changed, and now is Animate Pro (but is the same forum)
Although it is possible that any user of this forum might have the answer, I recommend you do your query in this forum in the Technical Support section Questions and Answers, or for more accurate reply email: Best Regards. Yoryo.