Peg Hierarchy

Hello there,

I am using ToonBoom Studio 4.5 and I wonder about strange things in peg hierarchy. I tried out the DerDer CutOut template and I noticed the hierarchy of the drawings attached to the pegs.

Now I was creating a cutout by myself and tried to put the bodyparts I created in the same manner as the DerDer template. As far as I understood pegs in an upper level show up in front of a peg in a lower level. But the DerDer template is completely put together in another way… for instance the upper torso:

UpperTorso as toplevel then childrens siblings leftarm and right arm…So the upper torso drawing should always show up in front of both arms but it doesnt (wich is correct). I tried the same setup as the Der Der but I am confused about having to put together the pegs like this:

Uppertorso Peg–>siblings: rightarm torso leftarm.

Hope somebody can help me.


I suggest that you visit the Cartooning in Toon Boom WIKI here is the page that discusses the way to adjust elements in a hierarchy using the z direction of 3D space: (the z direction info is towards the bottom of the page)


Thanx JK…that was the stuff I was looking for!

i am having the same problem as the guy who posted this, but still can’t seem to find the offset properties menu. i know its there somewhere because looking at the ‘little boy’ demo templet it shows up but i can’t seem to get it to come up on my own characters. how do you find it? i have looked at JK’s link to the tutorial blog, but that seemed to be explaining how to find it on another version. i am using TBS 4.5 demo and soon to be full version. (and am assuming they will be the same) i have found a way to do it manually through the top view window, but that can be a bit tedious if i am trying to move a lot of parts a fraction of a degree away from or towards the camera. using the off set properties would be a lot easier and lead to less ‘distance distortion’ by the pile up of many parts that should be closely stack for proper connection. (i.e. pupils on top of eyes, mouth on face kinda thing.) and i am using a PC not a Mac like the tutorial is showing. there seems to be a bit of difference. i don’t getting a drawing tab and my tabs are laid out differently.

thanks for the help,

The panel is called properties and it is opened by selecting the menu command Window>Properties. By careful that you have a drawing or image element selected and not a peg element as the properties panel looks different for peg elements than it does for drawing or image elements. -JK

i was trying to move whole limbs back on a character and not the individual layers of drawings. so, not selecting an image was my problem. is there a way to move multiple sections that you want to have in the same position in relation to one another, or do they have to be done one at a time? (i.e. whole arms, legs and especially faces, since they have multiple parts at varying depths.)