Peg... Element Not in Sync

I’m having a problem with one of my elements, it is a human character and I have added an parent peg with the body in it, then from there I have the upper arms attached to the body, then the forearms attached to the upper arms, they pivot just the way I want them too but when I move him N/S or E/W his forearms doesn’t go exactly with the rest of the body and upper arms, in fact if I move him West his forearms will move further more to the west (same with all the other directions) but every thing else, head, upper arms follow the body just right.

How do I fix this problem?

A little more info:

I was just playing around with it and found that when I moved (Rotate/Pivot) the upper arms the forearms do not follow perfectly, just as when I move the whole body… I didn’t notice earlier because it is not that much of misalignment with that short of a distance, but when I looked closer I then realized it was off too. Both forearms do the same thing.

GEEZ! I just figured it out. I opened up the TOP VIEW and I had the forearms out about five feet in front of all the rest of the body. LOL