Peg & Element issues in 3.5?

Okay, I’m hoping that I’m just missing something here, or I’ve forgotten to set something up when I installed 3.5. (Like when you forget to adjust your tension… FAHGEHTABOUTIT.)

So, I’ve got an element and then I toss 'er onto a peg so’s I can maipulate it cut out style. I’ve been doing this at work in concerto/harmony/solo for the past three years and toon boom studio at home the last year or so. Usually when I click on the element in camera view it will select the peg which the element is attached to…

Only it’s not, it’s selecting the element itself. Sweet lord tell me I’m not going to have to select all my pegs in the timeline.

I have however noticed that I can put keyframes in my element now… that’s kind of cool.

Also, apparently elements can child/parent now?

Someone tell me what’s going on, am I suppose to be adapting to a new workflow for cut out? gimme a hint.

I’m cold and scared.

Don’t panic…If you want to work with peg elements and not select the attached element when working with cut outs then just use the menu tools>turn peg only mode on command.

As to v3.5, it now includes “animated elements” which is a fancy way to say that drawing elements now include an embedded peg which allows them to be directly key framed without attachment to a seperate peg element. This also supports all normal peg related activities such as peg relationships so yes you can now attach elements to other elements in a heirarchy directly with out the use of seperate parent pegs. This reduces the number of tracks needed to create a cut out character by eliminating all the parent pegs for each element body part. It doesn’t change how pegs are keyframed or anything just eliminates the need for the seperate peg tracks being visible. You can still also use seperate peg elements if applicable or desired. -JK

Ah-ha! peg only mode… I never EVER turned it off in old versions, so I completly forgot about it.

Though, after playing around a bit with these new animate-able elements… who needs pegs? this is great. I’m going to have to re-rig all my characters, but it’s totally worth it.

Thanks for the help!