Peg Durations

Hey everyone:

I had some trouble a while back trying to figure out some peg issues. I had a different solution at the time, but I’m back at the same thing again.

I’d like to be able to move the camera, leave it, then move it again a bunch of frames later, and I’d like to do it with only 1 peg. So far I’ve been just adding a peg to the existing pegs (peg hierarchy?) when I want to move, but then it’s difficult to get the settings to the same place again without doing a bunch of math.

Anyone use pegs for extended durations?

Rob -

Seems to work with one peg. What I did was set a peg for as long as the first camera move. After defining the move (just a simple pan beginning at the start of the peg and ending at the end), I then dragged the end of the peg to extend it. The former end of the peg remained as a keframe and the pan still stopped right there. I then added a keframe in the middle of the new peg duration (after the previous end point), and then went to the end frame and repositioned the camera. The result was a camera pan to the original end of peg, a stop until getting to the next keyframe I added, and then a new camera pan starting at the next keyframe and moving to the end. At least, I think that’s the way I did it.

Is this what you’re looking for? A simple example and you are probably trying to do something a bit more complicated. I’m pretty new to this (have had the program for quite some time but have just decided to make myself spend some time learning it) and pegs, frankly, drive me crazy.

Good Luck.


That does pretty much cover it. The issue I had before was that over a long duration I couldn’t put keyframes in adjacent frames. I’d run the peg for 1500 frames and try to keyframe 986 and 987 and it wouldn’t work.

But with this camera issue it should work just great.

Thanks for your efforts.

I discovered something about editing a peg that I hadn’t known previously…

If I have a peg set up with some changes on it over, say 25 frames, but then I “change duration”, it moves the keyframes within the peg in proportion to the new length. Hate that. May as well start over.

However, if I “extend peg”, it leaves all the keyframes where they were and just makes the peg longer and ready for new keyframes.