Peg curve. (beginner, please help!)

I am creating my first animation and am trying to make the camera move through some buildings, here is what I am at so far:

If you see, there is a little pause just as it goes over top of the back buildings. I was wondering if anyone knows how to make the peg curve? I saw how to in the tutorial, but where it shows what to do, isn’t there on TBS 5. I curve it manually.


By curve what exactly do you mean. If you want to have the camera to look downward that is currently not possible in Toon Boom Studio (we have just added this feature in Animate Pro). If you want to peg to go in some kind of rollercoaster way and you currently have spikes instead of curves select the keyframe where the spike is from the camera view and with the Motion tool selected in the Properties tab you should have access to the Tension / Continuity / Bias. Those values will allow you to change the shape of the curve, simply use the slider to change the values.

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That is what I am looking for. But I can’t seem to find Tension / Continuity / Bias. Where do I look?


First select the Motion tool.

Then select a keyframe in the camera view where you want to have the angle changed (the red square)

Then the information should show up in the Properties tab.