Peg blue bar?


I’m following the movie tutorials and notice that whenever a peg is created a blue bar appears in the timeline. But on my version, 3.5 for the Mac, it doesn’t seem to be the case. Am I doing something wrong?

The tutorial is the Der Der cut-out animation movie.



in version 3.5 drawing elements already contain their own peg. I beleive the Der-Der tutorial was done in 3.0 in which you had to attach each drawing element to a peg, so you really don’t have to worry about that step in 3.5. I did the same thing myself & at the end realized I had 2x as many elements as I needed in the timeline, so I got rid of all the excess pegs I had created. The only time you’ll see the blue bar is when you create a “parent” peg. so say you set your cut-out char up & have your peg heirarchy established, you might want to take all of the elements for that char & attach them to one parent peg. Then you can manipulate the parent peg & move the entire character around. Hope that made some sense, if it didn’t, keep asking :slight_smile:
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The tutorial was made from v3 (it is still valid though) and back then the peg automatically had 2 keyframes. In the new version a new peg does not have any keyframe by default though if you add some you will see that the same blue bar will appear.

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